A texting service that sends daily affirmations to help you be your best self in life and work. 


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Product Design  ─  user flows, wire frames, mockups, prototypes, messaging

Branding  ─  logo, brand guide, stationery, merchandise





The primary user demo for Shine users are urban females between the ages of 21-35 who have an affinity for brands like: The Skimm, Netflix, Refinery 29, Instagram. 

Based of off our consumer research, I branded Shine with these keywords in mind: youthful, optimistic, bold, sassy, and stylish.


Motivation Monday, Every day






Shine has a product has evolved from a mere daily texting service to a coaching platform to a chat bot that users can personalize to set and keep track of intentions they hope to improve.

As Shine has branched out to provide a fuller set of services, my work is primarily to ensure a streamlined and effortless user experience with each new feature. This includes working on user journeys, wireframes, mockups, interactive prototypes and strategic onboarding processes.  

We also work with a select community of power users who give us realtime feedback to help us understand our user needs more thoroughly and advance our product more swiftly and effectively.


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